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Beyond Alcohol...

A Compassionate Exploration


Weekly Discussion:



 7 - 8pm PT


As of July 5, 2023, this meeting will be taking place solely within the Empowered Heart

online community.

Read about the EH Community HERE

Beyond Alcohol is a healing collective, informed by the Empowered Heart methodology and facilitated by Taryn Kuluris. By looking deep within the cycle of our uncomfortable (and perhaps harmful) patterns, and sharing honestly with others who have experienced similar struggles, we can encounter the strength and courage to transmute pain into self-love and empowerment. While for many of us, this substance became our favored coping mechanism, the true source of our struggle can be found (and healed) 

beyond the alcohol.


To create and maintain a safe container, where people may come together and examine our relationship with alcohol. Our collective intention is to explore our current and historical patterns with compassion and curiosity; to support one another with love and mutual respect; and to share our personal experiences with radical honesty, free from fear of judgement.



Anyone who is interested in examining and/or shifting their relationship with alcohol is welcome in the circle. Folks who drink, folks who are struggling to cut back or stop, and those with months, years, or decades of sobriety. All are welcome. You need not be sober/abstinent in order to attend. You need not identify as an alcoholic or an addict in order to attend. While you may find this group supports your existing recovery program, this is not affiliated with any 12-step program, and you will not be asked to identify yourself in any particular way. You are free to share as much or as little as you feel. We will, in general, be utilizing the Empowered Heart methodology, informing our process and our language. However, reading the book is not a pre-requisite in order to attend. Come as you are. There will be plenty of opportunity to explore and discuss other resources and experiences.


All who are present are held in complete anonymity

All that is spoken is held in complete confidentiality

No one will be pressured to speak or share unless they are willing

You are welcome to come and simply listen

While we will likely find much commonality in our stories and our healing, we remain entirely accountable as individuals for our actions, both in and out of the room


This is a private group. If you are interested in joining us on this journey, please fill out the form at the bottom of this page

OR e-mail Taryn at 


This group discussion is hosted via Zoom.
We meet on WEDNESDAYS, 7 - 8pm PT (unless given advance notice by Taryn)







The Empowered Heart methodology, founded by Katie Gray, is a profound catalyst for transformation and empowerment. This process, through suffering and back to the heart, will guide and help maintain our collaborative and compassionate container. While not required, you may find it helpful to read the book and explore this process yourself: Journey of the Empowered Heart

To learn more, visit






Taryn Kuluris, founder of Botanical Awakenings, is a plant alchemist, holistic chef, empath, and artist. She is guided by a fierce belief in radical healing and transformation, earth medicine, and folk knowledge.

Taryn's long struggle with (and eventual recovery from) alcohol addiction and bulimia, guides her desire to spark healing in the world around her. She pulls from a deep well of experiences, many profoundly beautiful and many incredibly challenging, in order to support others on their healing journeys.

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Reach out, and join the journey...

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