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An Offering from the Empowered Heart 

While I had been immersed in nearly a decade (or perhaps a lifetime) of deep soul-journeying before I began working with Katie Gray and the Empowered Heart methodology, I was still carrying a heavy burden of shame, secrecy & self-loathing, which kept me from stepping fully into a sense of Purpose and Empowerment. I felt like I might never find my way to Peace, and despite what I showed the world outwardly, I was becoming lost in a darkening inner landscape.


That dark night of the soul was a profound catalyst for transformation, and the Empowered Heart approach was (and is) a deep and generous ocean of compassion and courageous inquiry, which allowed me to finally integrate the many lessons I was holding in my heart and swim towards the steady shoreline of my Truth. I could also describe this work as a flickering flame, guiding me home to myself, illuminating the wisdom already coursing through my being.


It has been my experience, that when we are whole and home within ourselves, we are able to show up for other beings and the Earth with more generous (and strikingly honest) hearts.


The immense gratitude I carry inspires me to support and continue this lineage of healing through Intuitive Counsel. This work is informed by the intensive counseling and guidance I underwent with Katie, is supported by her ongoing mentorship and my completion of the Empowered Heart facilitator training


I walk through my own healing every day, slow and steady, and offer a mirror of possibilities. I arrive just as I am, and invite you to do the same. We will walk side-by-side, with curious hearts, and explore your innate healing potential. I engage in deep listening, free from judgement, and skillfully reflect back to you the journey you are undertaking, highlighting themes and patterns that may otherwise go unnoticed, as well as offer specific action items that will help guide your process

While I have extensive personal experience with alcohol addiction and bulimia (and other eating disorders), I have the capacity to explore a wide range of experiences, traumas, and inquiries. 

Read more about the Empowered Heart methodology HERE

All sessions are 1.5 hours long, via telephone or zoom

Orcas Island residents please inquire about in-person sessions

Regular clients (at least 2x per month) also receive additional support

(via email & voice messages) in between sessions


Sliding Scale

$95 - $155

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